Van Anvers is established in the Diamond club of Antwerp. The company is devoted to diamond retailing and diamond wholesale. 梵爱诺 is a sub brand of Van Anvers which focusing on Chinese retailing market. This brand was established in 2009, and registered as European Union (EU) Trade Mark in 2010.

Located in World Diamond Center -Antwerp

The reason for which Antwerp is famous as the diamond center worldwide is because of all the diamond bourses members should follow strict measures of suspension and expulsion.

     Tips: Diamond bourses are institution and clubs established in every big diamond trading cities, where normally trading exchanges for rough and polished diamonds. The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) is a worldwide organization composed of 29 member diamond bourses. The establishment of WFDB is to standardize legal trade between individual bourse members. Antwerp has four diamond bourses and Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC), which provide relatively independence for diamond trading. Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC) is responsible for the representation of the collective interests of the Belgian diamond industry national and international.

Rigor admission

  • Solid strength and trade experience for many years

  • Recommend several members

  • Through months of announcement of audit

  • By all the committee members of the interview

  • Become members Antwerp sde

Strict supervision

  • Exchange except both transaction and release the functions of the latest information, and all kinds of disputes arbitration.

  • Disputes between diamond dealer don't have to be through a civil court, just directly ruled directly by the exchange of the arbitration commission.

  • Any improper trading behavior of members, will be published or removed from punishment.

  • Once removed, the member will be permanent in the world, the loss of any one here in the sde is engaged in the rights of legitimate business.Life will not continue in the diamond industry.

Therefore, any traders in the sde on buying and selling of commitment is as precious as gold, in the promise in the occasions such as contract, credibility and reputation is the basis of supporting the business.