”Van” the Dutch interpreted as “from”, “Anvers” in French interpreted as “Antwerp”, since Belgium is a Dutch and French speaking country, the culture is also well integrated with both communions. Van Anvers is a name perfectly explains the unique history and culture of Belgium.
Van Anvers is an extraordinary professional diamond company with legend. Our company is involved in every step of diamond jewelry making process, from selecting loose diamond, to processing and final setting of each exquisite diamond-jewelry.


Van Anvers——A Chosen Faith

Van Anvers is a Belgian brand especially focusing on diamonds, which including diamond wholesale, inlay machining of diamond , professional certification and direct sales. All the diamonds come from Van Anvers have supplying top- quality (all the diamonds are came from Antwerp bourse), and superb cutting (the famous ‘Antwerp-Cut’ lasted 500 years). Our company has realized that choosing a piece of diamond jewelry with high quality is a lifetime choice. Van Anvers provides professional diamond consultants, which will assist you to make a choice, fits your personality, budget and desire.

Van Anvers——Professional and Trustworthy

Van Anvers is based in the world oldest diamond bourse-Diamond club van Antwerp. This diamond bourse was established in 1893. Van Anvers is one of the registered members in the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). Van Anvers as a member in diamond bourse pledges to the international standard for diamond grading rules, working methods and nomenclature created by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB).